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Frequently Asked Questions

All your modular queries answered

Frequently Asked Questions

All your modular queries answered


All your questions about building a modular home answered, from what is modular home building,
to what does a modular home cost, how to finance modular home building and more.

What type of modular construction work do you do?

• Custom built modular homes
• Granny flats / teenage retreats
• Commercial buildings
• Ablution buildings

Where do you build?

We design, manufacture and construct at our site located in Maddington, Western Australia. We can install your building in any metropolitan, regional or remote location within Australia.

What is modular home building?

Modular building is essentially building a house in pieces off-site, transporting these pieces to site and putting them together to form a home.
It is of course a bit more complex than that but by building offsite in our specialist factory in Perth there are several benefits including but not limited to a much higher standard of finish and we are able to build and deliver the home in a much shorter time than with a site built.

Who can I speak to during the building process?

You can speak directly with our sales and design consultants during the consultation stage and our install manager will be available to speak with you during construction. Our clients find it reassuring that they have contact with our team members who are in control of their project from initial concept to completion.

How long will my council take to approve my build?

This depends on the scale of the job and the scope of work that has been agreed on. All local council approval times vary.

How long will it take for you to finish the build?

Once approvals are in place, the manufacture / build process will take around 6-12 weeks to complete. Timelines are again subject to the scale of the job and the agreed scope of works. This would be discussed with you.

Can we live in the house whilst our home renovation or home extension is being completed?

This is a very common question, and usually depends on the extent of work, and the layout of your home. We can advise what the most practical approach to this is, but in most cases, living in your home during your home renovation or home extension is possible. We make every effort to minimise any inconvenience to you and your family. Our professional team is always courteous and considerate; after all, it is your home!

Will the building site be kept clean and tidy?

Absolutely. Our job sites are kept at a high level of tidiness, with regular clean ups and rubbish removal happening throughout the construction period. This makes for a more pleasant and safe work environment for our team, and in the case of a home renovation or home extension, ensures the safety and comfort of our clients who remain in their home.

What does a modular home cost? Are your prices expensive?

No, our prices are extremely competitive and we would not be around today if our prices were too high. We have low overheads and also longstanding relationships with our major suppliers and subcontractors, so our prices are accurate. We do emphasise that you get what you pay for, and some builders' prices may seem cheaper at first glance, but often they are not quoting on the same level of finish, so caution is needed to avoid the building nightmares that appear in the media.

Do you use a fixed price contract?

Yes. We will provide you with a HIA fixed price contract and detailed specifications. If you change your mind during the build, we use a ‘variation to contract’ document to vary the contract price and specifications. This is an extremely easy (and legal) way to offer our clients flexibility in selections - and we use variations in almost every build. Of course there are many other questions you may have, please contact us we will be very happy to assist.

Once the building has been completed is there a maintenance period?

Yes, we provide a six-month maintenance period.

What sort of building warranty does your company offer?

We provide a seven-year structural warranty from practical completion.

Who do I contact to start my building process?

Send us an enquiry via our contact us page for more information or fill out the form below.


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