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modular commercial

Commercial builds by Pindan
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Pindan’s transportable modular buildings make ideal: 
Administrative offices, site supervisor offices, temporary or permanent local government facilities, classrooms or any other commercial building.

Quality. Durability. Affordability.

When it comes to modular construction for commercial purposes, Pindan is on the move.
In today’s economic landscape, the ability to quickly adapt and respond to rapidly changing market conditions is essential, making Pindan’s modular construction the flexible solution.


Constructed offsite at our manufacturing facility in Perth and designed to be easily transportable to the most remote locations, our modular buildings are affordable and quick to install. They are also a cost and time efficient solution to your accommodation requirements  – it can take just a matter of weeks from date of order to moving in day. Designed for the easy addition of extra modular pods, our modular buildings are infinitely adaptable to changing needs.

The quality of Pindan’s transportable and modular buildings is as high as any permanent structure. They are architect designed and constructed to all relevant Australian Standards, delivered to site with all services hardwired into the structure, cyclone rated for tropical and semi-tropical climates and extremely safe - even for a severe cyclonic region (Region D, TC2).

As experts in modular construction, we can supply and install your residential home or commercial building, as well as arrange all of your documentation and council approvals.

Want to know more about our modular construction? View our modular residential homes and modular granny flats. Alternatively, read our FAQs or contact us for more information.


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