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Kit Homes, Granny Flats & Teenage retreats


Kit Homes, Granny Flats & Teenage retreats

on the move.

Pindan is changing the rural new homes landscape by delivering innovative kit homes WA wide.

Modular Soultions

At Pindan Homes, we use five key values to guide our modular homes, Perth-built and delivered to your site in WA.

    Environmental sustainability
    Innovative design
    Compliance and high building standards
    Enduring building materials
    Versatility in function, look and application.

At Pindan Homes, we are passionate about what we do and committed to delivering innovative, cost-effective solutions for modular and transportable homes that provide unparalleled value for our customers.

We challenge conventional building principles and everything you know about functionality and building techniques by embracing innovation in the design and construction of modular homes. We use a blueprint that consistently produces low impact, high quality transportable homes without sacrificing aesthetics and style, offering a better lifestyle in the process.

Designed and built for comfort anywhere in just a matter of weeks, our transportable homes, kit homes and granny flats are manufactured to stringent Australian standards using high-quality materials with a strong focus on energy efficiency and sustainability.


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