Three Key Design Inspiration Methods to Kickstart Your Home Design Journey

Three Key Design Inspiration Methods to Kickstart Your Home Design Journey

Look around and get inspiration for your dream home!


Everyone has their own individual expectations and ambitions when designing a home to suit their life and style. The process of dreaming, planning and building your new home is demanding and challenging, and each stage is crucial to making your vision a reality.


A great place to start is to visualise your dreams and find inspiration that makes your ideas tangible. With over 40 years of experience in the home building industry, you can trust Pindan Homes’ three key design inspiration methods to kickstart your home design journey.


Create a Vision Board


Begin at the drawing board with a stack of home and living magazines, access to the internet and your left brain ready to piece together creative ways to achieve the perfect vision board. Whether you’re looking for luxury in Vogue Living, practicality in Real Living or aesthetic in Home Beautiful, flipping through contemporary styles and trends can spark something in your mind that you might otherwise not have thought of. It could be a statement couch to create contrast in your living room or beautiful wall detail to add texture to a large, open space.  Whatever you select will contribute to your vision board, which will develop to represent your life and style preferences to better inform your design decisions.


Image from Vogue Living, ‘Why Danish design is influencing the rest of the world’.


Define the Detail


Consider what you value in your ideal home design, from how it looks right through to the inner workings. Perhaps you value elements that make your home uniquely practical, such as smart wiring, air-conditioning, electrical and lighting, and so on.  Stepping out from behind the scenes, you’ll need to consider surface treatments like tiling and cabinetry, benchtops and beautiful paint colours. Choose things that align with your life and style, bringing your vision to life.


Paint colour by Taubmans – Black Granite.


Visit Display Homes


Once you have a firm idea of the look and feel you prefer, visiting display homes is the next step to visualising the positioning and placement of key home elements. This is the perfect time to reflect on the lot you’re working with, explore floorplans suitable to your lifestyle and find the home design team that embodies your values. Pindan Homes has an array of innovative displays available for viewing Monday 2pm – 5pm, Wednesday 2pm – 5pm and Saturday & Sunday 1pm – 5pm.


Image of ‘The Boardwalk’ Pindan Homes display home.


The process of planning a home design doesn’t have to be daunting. Pindan Homes have broken it down to three key elements; create a vision board, define the detail and visit display homes. This tried and tested method to visualise your dreams and find inspiration will set you on the right path to designing the perfect home build to suit your life and style.


Consider what you wish to achieve with your home design and trust that Pindan Homes’ specialists can give you the best advice. Get in touch via email at or via phone on (08) 6555 3728, or explore our Facebook and Instagram channels for more inspiration.



Source: Pindan Homes