What’s hot in design in 2019

What’s hot in design in 2019

A new year marks a fresh start and for many that could equal taking the plunge and building your very first home.

One of the most exciting things about building your own home is your chance to add your own design flair. This can be through hard furnishings such as kitchen benchtops and flooring through to soft furnishings such as rugs and artwork.

But just what are the design trends and inspiration you should be taking note of in 2019?

Here is a glimpse:

Soft hues
When it comes to bedrooms walls, think soft blushes, pinks and bronzes, warm golds and apricots to update and add a warmth to a dated room.
Yellows are also making a comeback but in ‘faded’ tones.

Natural stones
In the kitchen, a striking splashback can be achieved by creating a ‘continuous’ effect by matching up the veins of several large stone slabs, hence creating an illusion of a larger slab with a unique and distinct vein flow.

Zellige tiling - Moroccan handmade tiles - make a striking point of difference to a bathroom or kitchen with their stunning patina look.

Think Green
Bring the outside in by adding greenery throughout the home. Fiddle Figs and succulents are a firm favourite. Or if you prefer to mix it up a fresh bunch of flowers is a nice touch.

Make a statement
You can overhaul the look of a living area by adding a new rug, an occasional chair or a new piece of artwork. The addition of just one ‘statement’ piece can really liven the space.

Visual and sensory textures are big for 2019. Think textured wallpapers with a woven look, such as seagrass, for a distinct textured appearance.

Less is more. Create a sense of openness throughout your home with open shelving but don’t overcrowd them with objects.
With furniture, less is more – think curved couches and side tables.

Well-designed kitchens
Getting your design right will see it last the test of time. A well-thought out space means ample bench space where your stove, fridge and preparation space are in easy reach. Soft closed drawers and a good sized walk-in pantry will never go out of style.

Matte Black
Bold, high contrast and high statement. Black can be implemented via light pendants, chairs, and homewares.

Make the most of natural light in living areas where you can.  Velux skylights are a great way to bring more light in, while dimmable downlights are a great addition to a living space.
At Pindan Homes, we have pre-start consultants who are here to help when it comes to the big design decisions. If you are interested in finding out more about how you can build your own home in 2019, contact us on 1300 108 763.
Source: Pindan Homes