The first steps to designing your family home with Pindan Homes

The first steps to designing your family home with Pindan Homes

Identify criteria to support your lifestyle and to support your plans for the future. We’ve devised some key recommendations to help you on your journey.

Designing your first family home is a significant step. Whether you’re upsizing from an apartment for two or you’re beginning to factor in the challenges of a lack of space with young kids growing up, it’s important to get it right.

Size does matter

Consider the size of your family and think about the space you’ll need as well as the placement of rooms. If there’s a little one on the way, do you need the nursery as close as possible to the main bedroom or are you parents of older kids who need their own privacy? Something like our Breeze home design is built for big family living and has several key features you might want to adopt in your custom build.
(Pindan Homes Design - Breeze) 

Factor in Your Lifestyle

Have you thought about whether you want a big backyard to kick a ball around in, include a pool or create a mini oasis full of tropical plants? If you’re not big on gardens, consider how you might create an outdoor area large enough to keep the kids entertained with minimal maintenance required. The Ashmore home design inspires innovative thinking with a spacious floor plan and stylish outdoor deck with a pool. Consider your lifestyle, is the Ashmore perfect for you?

(Pindan Homes Design - Ashmore) 

Plan for the Future

If you’ve considered everything you want in a family home design right now, take a step back and think about where you might be in the future. Are you prepared to move in a couple of years once your kids get too old to share a bedroom? If not, plan your layout strategically and incorporate all the amenities growing children will need on one end of the house. You may be inspired by the deliberate floorplan and style of our Bel Vue home design.

(Pindan Homes design - Bel Vue

Planning your custom home doesn’t need to be overwhelming. If you see a home design you love, don’t be afraid to identify your favourite features and work them into your own custom design.

Pindan Homes are committed to designing great homes built with your family and lifestyle in mind. Get in touch today on 08 6555 3728 to see what we can do for you and take the first step to designing your very own custom family home design.

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