Home Trends of 2019

Home Trends of 2019

Home trends of 2019- What's hot and what's not!

If you are building your dream home this year and want to learn the difference between ‘Living Coral’ and ‘Burnt Orange’; Mid-century modern and Memphis Chic; or Minimalist and Maximist Art, we’re here to help.
We’ve examined the most popular home design trends for 2019 to share what’s in and what’s definitely out this year.
Coral is beautiful
Design devotees wait with bated breath for Pantone to announce its colour of the year. For 2019, that colour is ‘Living Coral’ (Pantone 16-1546) and chances are you’ll spot pops of it everywhere!
Described by Pantone as “an animating and life-affirming coral hue with a golden undertone that energises and enlivens with a softer edge”, newhomesguide.com.au suggests using the statement colour as a tiled feature in a kitchen or bathroom and pairing it with neutral shades. Soft furnishings such as pillows and throw rugs are always a safe bet if want to stay on trend, without calling a demolition crew.

Sustainability rules
This year people are asking more questions about where the materials in their home and furnishings come from, what purpose they serve and what value each piece stands for. Elle Décor magazine says the concept of ‘sustainable ethos’ is big news.
“Being strategic and purposeful about purchasing behavior is a key ingredient to a sustainable ethos,” Becky Shea of high-end NYC interior design and lifestyle studio, Becky Shea Design, tells the publication.
A move away from designs based on ‘eclectic clutter’, which can leave a room feeling full and lacking function is welcomed by those who favour ‘sustainability ethos’ designs.
“Everything you invest in should have purpose, and we see 2019 shaping out to be a year of reduction and purpose in the items used to style, so say goodbye to eclectic clutter!”, Becky Shea adds.

Mid-century modern and Scandi minimalism are out
Minimalism has had its moment and designers are now keen to showcase big ideas thanks to a trend to incorporate Memphis chic and “maximist” art. Picture primary colours and graphic shapes, tub chairs and curved furniture. Newhomes.com.au agrees that curved furnishings are “making a splash in 2019”.
“Don’t be afraid to mix colors, patterns and textures,” Sandra Chandler of Art.com also told Elle Décor about the ‘maximalist art’ trend.
“Take a gallery wall to the next level by having it cover an entire wall, or add a dramatic, large-scale piece to your space. In this case, more is more,” she added.

Things to watch
Other trends to consider include matt black (surfaces, tapware, lighting accessories or dining chairs are ideal), floral fabrics and wallpapers; light wooden floors; bold wall colours; darker tones and warmer-based tones for cabinetry. Meanwhile, rose gold, succulents and patterned upholstery are no more.
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