Design considerations for the perfect bathroom

Design considerations for the perfect bathroom

There are many considerations for bathrooms, and with 40 years of experience in home design, we’ve narrowed these down to three; maximising space, prioritising functionality and achieving your desired look and feel.

Designing bathrooms can be challenging and consideration of how you and your household use the space is where it starts. Do you value a more functional space for those mornings when you’re rushing to work and need everything at hand, or a luxurious space with room to relax?

Maximise your Space

Think about the room you have to work with and consider how you can optimise the space. Choosing light colours and simple textures for walls and floors will make the space appear larger. Being creative and exploring alternatives such as panels of white tiling against bright colours can work to create dimension. Tiles Expo is our go-to source of inspiration for the highest quality and latest tile trends, conveniently located in Osborne Park.

(Tiles Expo – Kerlite Exedra Albis Slim- Porcelain Sheets)

Prioritise Functionality

Are you a bath or shower person? Prioritise the space accordingly. Although it might be a good idea to invest in a freestanding bath, consider the opportunity within the space you have and rather focus your attention on creating functionality, like installing a shower instead. There’s a great range of contemporary shower fittings from Caroma, if you’re looking for inspiration.

Think innovatively about storage options such as cabinetry and shelving. Carefully placed or hidden storage within your vanity creates a tidy area to avoid mess or clutter. Considering bespoke cabinetry can be a great solution to creating functionality in your perfect bathroom, our go-to supplier in this space is Polytec.

(Pindan Display Home Design – Boardwalk)

Achieve Your Desired Look and Feel

Think about the materiality and consider what’s right to achieve your desired look and feel. Choosing one or two hero materials, like a granite countertop, can start to shape the theme and overall look. Caesarstone offer contemporary and versatile ideas for vanity countertops to suit different desired looks.

Natural light or clever use of mirrors spanning wall to wall and vanity to ceiling can be a great way to open up a small bathroom space. Perth City Glass mirrors are our choice to lift a bathroom while improving its overall ambience and style.

At Pindan Homes, we’ve thought about the key considerations to create the perfect bathroom design, and it all comes down to maximising space, prioritising functionality and achieving your desired look and feel.

We hand-pick the very best suppliers and combine their exceptional high-grade products with our exclusive designs to produce stunning bathrooms. If you’re eager to create the perfect bathroom within your custom home design with these three key considerations in mind, we’ve got plenty to inspire you.

Source: Pindan Homes