Building a custom home: Top 5 questions to ask your builder

Building a custom home: Top 5 questions to ask your builder

Building your new dream home is an exciting, yet daunting time in your life.

When considering building a custom designed home, there are many questions and factors to consider.
Thankfully with over 40 years of experience in home design and construction, the team at Pindan Homes are armed with a wealth of knowledge to make your dream abode a reality and to make the building process as smooth and as exciting as possible.
But before you start, we’ve narrowed the top 5 questions we receive from our customers that you should ask your builder, whether it is us or another builder you choose.

1. Timeframes
It is important to have an understanding of how long the build process will take so you don’t have unrealistic expectations and end up disappointed about the building timeframe.
It is important to ask:
  • When do you expect to submit plans to council?
  • When will the slab go down?
  • How many weeks will construction take?
  • When do I need to select all internal fittings and fixtures by?
  • When is the cut-off date to making amendments to the final house plan?
2. Builder information
It is good to have knowledge about the builder you are entrusting to take care of creating your greatest asset – your new home!
Be sure to find out just how many homes will be under construction and supervised at any one time. This will help ensure you receive personalised, quality service and quick response times, which all equal a more personalised building experience.
Also, visit other homes they have built. This will give you an up close glimpse at the quality of their workmanship.

3. Builder registration and insurance
It might seem like an obvious credential to have, but asking if you builder is registered and insured is a must before you sign your contract to give you peace of mind!

4. Site Managers & Client Liaisons
Ask your builder how much contact you will have with your site manager and client liaison. Asking for you client liaison’s direct contact details is advisable as communication during the building process makes for a smooth and stress free experience.

5. Price
To ensure a smooth building process, having a clear picture of how much your home will cost at the outset is important. It is also a good idea to get a list of what is and isn’t included in the final costs. This can include elements such as fencing, side gates, paving, cabinetry and landscaping.
Another factor to bear in mind is site works. Some builders have a fixed cost so you know upfront how much you will be paying. A fixed cost ensures there will be no nasty cost blow outs.
If you want further information on working with Pindan Homes to create your dream custom home, phone us on 1300 104 908.
Source: Pindan Homes