Bringing new life to trends of old

Bringing new life to trends of old

Fashion trends come and go. While many style relics are best left to the history books, there are some elements of the past which are starting to creep back into our homes once again..

Melissa Redwood is an Interior Design Consultant to Webb and Brown-Neaves, and said velvet was one of those beginning to make an appearance in interiors after decades hidden away.

“Velvet was very big in the 70s, and we are seeing so much of it through furniture now,” Ms Redwood said.
“But we are also being a bit more creative with it than we were in the 70s. I'm seeing velvet in lampshades, feature walls and home accessories.”

Ms Redwood said she also noticed a trend in Perth for luxury and glamour expressed through the use of coloured metals, including golds, brass, muted graphite, brushed pewter and copper.
“It is being seen through tapware, door furniture, statement pieces of furniture or wall cladding,” Ms Redwood said. “This style is very reminiscent of Art Deco, hailed as one of the most inspiring, opulent and glamorous periods in design history.”

Luxurious in a very different way, the Hamptons style is one Pindan Pre-Start Coordinator Angela Haylan said has been requested more frequently. Ms Haylan said thermolaminated cabinets with detailed profiles on the cupboards and drawers were a clear indicator of a Hamptons-style kitchen. Ms Haylan said she had also seen a trend towards the industrial, characterised by exposed, recycled brickwork, polished conrete floors and wider doors and corridors.

Pindan Design and Drafting Manager Steve Haylan said the use of exposed rafters and federation style homes were also becoming popular again.

“Exposed aggregate driveways over pavers and concrete are other popular inclusions,” he said.

When it comes to interiors, Ms Redwood said she was happy to welcome plenty of old styles back into the fashion mix. But there was one particular colour she hopes to never see in Perth homes again.
“Mission brown,” she said. “Although, in saying this, I am starting to see a strong resurgence of browns. But luckily, not the old mission brown. "We are seeing more earthy grey, browns, and rich, warm browns. This can be seen through tiling, furniture and fabrics.”
Source: The West Australian- Chris Thurmott