Bringing Heart & Soul to your new home

Bringing Heart & Soul to your new home

By bringing the right pieces together, you can turn your “house” into a “HOME”, transforming your new build into a dream home that greets you with a warm embrace the moment you step through the door.

All the sleep you lost over choices of tiles and door handles, pre-start, will seem a distant memory as your build nears completion. With the move-in day approaching, it’s time for the most exciting part: decorating the interiors!

It is not about having the newest, flashiest furniture, it’s about choosing the the right style and the right pieces, that reflects you and your life.



I am a firm believer in not boxing people into one particular style, as this can often seem predictable. Finding your “personalised brief”, that suits your lifestyle, is key. If you are not sure what that is, it’s time to find out! Look through magazines, and online, exploring various style trends, then perhaps narrow down to your top three. Check out Modern, Contemporary, Minimalistic, Industrial, Mid-Century modern, Scandinavian, Traditional, Rustic, Coastal, Hamptons and Boho.


Do you prefer a neutral colour pallet?  Would you consider subtle pops of colour in accents?

Or perhaps you love lots of colour, pattern and vibrancy?

Do you lean more towards warm or cool colours?

Stuck? Maybe start with a favourite shirt or accessory to use as the base for your colour palette.


A brand new home can often feel soulless, so it’s important to add your own personality:

  • Be guided by what you love and are attracted to.
  • Stick to your own “personalised brief”, but remember BALANCE is the key!
  • If warmth is needed in a space, add wood or leathers.
  • Choose your colour pallet early, then take representative paint swatches with you when sourcing products.
  • If choosing a neutral colour pallet, be sure to add texture for interest.
  • Choose your biggest pieces first (rug, sofa etc) before coordinating with smaller accessories.
  • Tell your story: add memories in the form of sentimental objects and photos.
  • Repeat shapes, eg. If you have a round coffee table, add a round pendant light.
  • Add mood lighting: dimmable overhead lights or lamps provide ambience at night.
  • Always, always add greenery. This is a perfect way to add a pop of colour which isn’t an “accent colour”. Greenery instantly brings a space to life, whilst naturally cleaning the air.

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Source: Soulbird Styling- Aislinn Crowe