Summer loving: Have you considered an outdoor kitchen?

Summer loving: Have you considered an outdoor kitchen?

Never ending summers and mild winters make Perth the perfect place to indulge in relaxing meals outside so it’s no surprise that outdoor kitchens remain popular. In fact, homestolove magazine called them one of the hottest landscaping trends of 2018!

Here are our tips for getting it right:

Tip 1: Plan ahead
Carefully consider the best place to incorporate your outdoor kitchen before you start building.
Will it form part of your alfresco or patio area or be out in the open? Should you include bi-fold doors for a seamless transition from outside and in? Do you need to run gas, water or power lines to the area before the paving is laid? What about adequate lighting?
“Forward planning and exhaustive research is essential to the delivery of a beautiful, functional and safe outdoor cooking space that will last the distance,” the HIA advises.
They also recommend that you allow enough room for traffic flow, food preparation and serving, seating and dining.
Tip 2: Decide how often you will use it
Do you plan to prep all your meals outdoors or just use the space when guests come over? Take the time to consider how often you will use your outdoor kitchen before you choose that top of the range pizza oven you’ve been lusting after.

Tip 3: Go with the flow
Do you want your outdoor kitchen to blend in with the rest of your home or have its own look? Some people opt for a similar colour scheme while others make it pop against their garden.
Homestolove magazine says to achieve a “really stunning effect, try to use materials and detailing that complement or repeat those inside the house: benchtops, door hardware and cabinetry”.

Tip 4: Choose the right finishes
Select products that are suitable for outdoor use and are easy to clean. According to the HIA, this applies to cabinetry, hardware, lights, electrical fittings and all appliances. And did you know that some benchtop materials should not be used near barbecues or pizza ovens?
Look for products that can be exposed to UV, moisture, excessive heat or salt air. Avoid materials that are porous. Ask lots of questions and check the manufacturers’ warranties before you purchase goods for outdoor use.
Also ensure barbecues and cooking appliances are installed within acceptable clearance of other items and always place fridges or wine coolers away from direct sunlight.

Tip 5: Comfort is king
To make the most of your outdoor kitchen all year round, don’t forget to install outdoor blinds and consider whether you need a fan or a heater. Investing in a suitable rangehood will also stop you from filling the space with smoke every time you light the barbecue!

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HIA July 2018 Housing magazine

Source: HIA July 2018 Housing magazine