Project-driven approach to demolish and build

Project-driven approach to demolish and build

Pindan Homes has clued into the fact that not everyone is keen on moving, but are instead looking to make the most out of their block.

That’s why it offers a dedicated demolish and build service to help investors and landowners develop their residential property into a duplex, triplex or multi-unit residence.

Working in the demolish and build department of Pindan Homes, Development Manager Brendan Lewis coordinates everything from constructing single homes behind homes to multi-unit developments.

He is responsible for preparing feasibility sketches, maximising a site’s potential, managing development applications and keeping his clients updated every step of the way.

“My role is so project driven; being able to see the development commence on-site and then again upon completion and seeing the entire process come to fruition is what I love the most about the demo and build capabilities we’ve got at Pindan Homes,”
Mr Lewis said.

Working with diverse clients means every day is different, but it also means there’s always a new problem to solve in order to meet expectations and achieve the required results within set parameters.

In addition, Mr Lewis said current market conditions had created added pressures.

“Banks have tightened lending requirements for developments and other residential investments, making it increasingly difficult to get the first milestones ‘off the ground’,” he said.

“In order to assist our clients even further, Pindan Homes has partnered with an expert development broker able to guide and work alongside our clients to make the process stress-free and more time convenient.”

Undergoing a demolish and build process looks very different from building a new home on a new block.

Demolish and builds typically occur in well-established areas where people own big blocks and often look to subdivide to maximise its potential.

This style of property usually has pre-existing amenities such as parks and venues nearby.

“Purchasing large blocks with an existing home to either retain or completely demolish to further free up room on the lot is becoming a trend for those wanting to stay within the metropolitan area and investing in property development,” Mr Lewis said.

“Together with some local government initiatives and changes to R-codes, as well as increasing density zonings in our inner-city perimeter, a demolish and build development is becoming an increasingly viable option.”

For those who don’t currently own a large block and are looking for land with the most potential, Mr Lewis advised searching for a sizeable block in high-density zoning.

He also recommended reducing building costs by choosing a block that was flat and already a regular shape, making it easy to build on.

Source: The West Australian, New Homes Magazine