Outdoor Inspiration with Ascher Smith

Outdoor Inspiration with Ascher Smith

Are you designing your outdoor space for a new home build or looking for inspiration to redevelop your tired, old garden?

Are you designing your outdoor space for a new home build or looking for inspiration to redevelop your tired, old garden?
We caught up with Perth’s exterior styling and landscaping expert Ascher Smith to capture everything you need to know about creating a unique garden that provides value to your home and lifestyle.
With a broad knowledge and understanding of horticulture, plant species, garden products and technologies, we asked Ascher to fill us in on trends and timeless tips for exterior design, and even snuck in an interior design question to prepare for summer.

What are the most Perth-summer-loving plants you recommend? 
A: If anyone knows me they will know I’m obsessed with Wall Climbing Plants. My all-time favourite is the Ficus pumila ‘Creeping Fig’, an evergreen climber, and the Parthenocissus tricuspidata ‘Boston Ivy’, a deciduous climber that will turn bright oranges and reds in autumn. In summer, these climbers will cover your walls with a curtain of greenery without taking up the space of a large garden bed and hedging.
Another winner for me is Carissa ‘Desert Star’, an attractive dark glossy evergreen shrub year round. In warmer months, the plant is scattered with large white starry flowers at the end of each branch, which are scented too! They’re good for pots and tubs, dry borders and rockeries with little maintenance needed.

What is the hottest spring/summer colour palette this year?

A: It’s going to seem like the opposite of a spring/summer palette, but I having used a lot of whites and greys last summer, I’m wanting to change things up with a modern palette of black/mustard and lush greens to cool.

 Incorporating Natural stone cladding and cobblestones will be a big one again this year for our designs. Check out Eco Outdoor for their gorgeous selection of Natural Stone Walling and Flooring products. You will always find something to fall in love with in their showroom at Osborne Park.
Keep an eye out for the completion of our upcoming ‘Waterford’ job next month. It is unlike any other design we have done before, and there are so many wonderful products used throughout this incredible home and garden transformation.

Which new textures are you introducing to your home designs this summer season?  
A: These days I consult not only for gardens, but also house exteriors that are in need of a facelift. Scyon weatherboard cladding can immediately make a tired home look like a Modern Black beach shack or a cool Coastal Hamptons home without the maintenance of timber. You get the beautiful look of timber cladding but with all the benefits of fibre cement – it’s rot proof, warp proof, it won’t split or fade, it’s fire resistant and water resistant. It’s a strong durable product that looks so beautiful in any style home.
Vulcan wood is my other design favourite this summer. Vulcan wood is thermally modified for incredible durability and stability. It’s H3 treated, rot and pest resistant whilst also being environmentally friendly. We use a lot of these for batten screens and they have a variety of colours and applications to choose from. This product can be found at Austim in Landsdale and online.

How would you incorporate minimalist foliage into landscape design?

A: A minimalist garden can be powerful and beautiful without demanding too much of you in the way of upkeep and money. The flow from inside to outside should feel seamless, so if you have a modern aesthetic, a minimalist garden can be a natural outdoor extension of your interior look. 
Even a few statement pots with large feature trees or accent plants can add enough greenery without the maintenance of garden beds or grass. Head down to WG Outdoor Living and explore their lofty industrial-style showroom in Osborne Park and discover 1000 square metres of ‘outspiration’ in pots and furniture.

What is your favourite design trend for coastal living? 

A: No, not bohemian. BROhemian. This look takes your classic All WHITE boho-coastal aesthetic and gives it a bit of tribal, masculine grit. A new ‘tweak’ on styles, according to The Life Creative’s Chris Carroll, that I can’t wait to incorporate into a design.
Apparently, out of all the Australian interior design trends for 2018, this is the easiest one to rock because so many of us are already doing the all-white boho theme.
Here’s how to rock the look:
  • Bring in black, deep brown and petrol blue tones to the all-white palette
  • Think outside of the beach and introduce decor with a tribal vibe
  • Look to wood and metal furniture with an industrial look and feel
  • Tribal, geometric patterns on cushions, rugs and bedding is a winner here
  • Leather, aged metallics and weathered stone are the textures for this look
  • African and Moroccan art and sculptures are a nice idea (better if they’re handmade)

Now you’re ready to implement these new ideas into your garden design to create a space that is not only gorgeous, but unique to your home and lifestyle.
Source: Pindan Homes