Natural, sleek and sustainable

Natural, sleek and sustainable

Natural, sleek and sustainable: Home design trends to look out for in 2018
Industrial, natural, modern, contemporary… Home design trends seem to change as quickly as the seasons. If you’re wondering which trends are wowing in 2018, and which are on their way out, we’re here to help! We’ve gathered tips from leading Aussie design experts to help you choose the perfect style for your new home.
The experts all agree that natural is in while industrial is on the way out. Black is back, especially in kitchens and bathrooms. Curvy facades and smaller homes are also right on trend.

Get back to nature
HIA’s latest issue of Housing reports that wood finishes and lots of natural light are the key to achieving the Natural look in a bathroom.
“Traditionally avoided in wet environments, wood now abounds in bathrooms,” according to the HIA. To create a ‘sanctuary’ atmosphere, the HIA recommends using timber-look or stone-effect tiles for the bath surround and making room for a spacious shower. Clean and simple tapware can help compliment the natural look while American Oak and Cork are a popular choice for vanities and cabinetry. agrees saying the Industrial aesthetic “is giving way to a warmer and more natural look achieved using natural materials, textures and colours”.
Meanwhile, the experts at Domain add that a preference for natural materials has also been spurred on by the “rise of eco-friendly homes with passive solar design, low VOC products and hypoallergenic insulations”.

Think black and sleek
White might be a timeless choice for kitchen and bathrooms but black is very 2018. Housing heralded a new range of matt black shower screens to hit the market, saying they would create a real “style statement” in any bathroom.
Reporting from EuroCucina – a major kitchen trade show in Milan – leading designers also told the HIA that kitchen trends were “sophisticated and technological with cooking surfaces and sinks tucked out of sight beneath sliding doors and luxury benchtops”.
“The years of cute woodsy country kitchens, or cool industrial models, are well and truly over,” the HIA adds. “A sophisticated and modern look has taken hold with endless horizontal surfaces made of stone or steel, and large vertical surfaces composed of laminates, coloured glass or precious timber.”

What about a butler’s kitchen?
Domain says more homeowners are embracing “prep or butler’s kitchens” in 2018, rather than building vast kitchens in open plan living spaces. “For those with the space, these rooms offer an easy way for homeowners to entertain guests or family around the kitchen without having to worry about mess or clutter. It also enables the “on display” kitchen area to be more minimal in its design.”

Smaller homes for sustainable living
Many homeowners are looking to live a more sustainable life “without compromising on ‘quality of life’”, according to Coupled with rising land prices and energy costs, Australians are seeking smaller, sustainably built homes.
“We can expect to see a lot of people trading down and building small homes,” they add. “This is the case because one and two person families are becoming a huge trend all over Australia.” says that you might also see new shapes – including curves – in facade design this year. One benefit of curves on facades is they help to maximise space on compact sites!

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