Divide and conquer to maximise your portfolio

Divide and conquer to maximise your portfolio

If you are a homeowner fortunate enough to have bought property and land before Perth really become known as ‘boom town’, chances are you’re sitting on a large block with your primary home.

With so much space to utilise, homeowners have plenty of opportunities to maximise the growth potential of their home.

From building another residence behind or beside to building a multi-dwelling development, there are plenty of perks for homeowners with a larger block.

This sort of ‘knock down and rebuild’ process is a great way of investing, and designed to make the most out of your block by subdividing without any upfront land costs or having to move away from your suburb or friendly neighbours.

The biggest hurdle in this process for homeowners is first understanding residential property development in suburban areas, with each council having different R-codes and approval processes.

Seeking development and council approvals can be lengthy and hard to manage, so partnering with a builder will prove to be more cost effective in the long run. It isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ approach when it comes to developing land in Western Australia.

Yet with rates at an all-time low and building prices more competitive, it is a great time for homeowners to start building their investment portfolio.

Pindan Homes offers a demolish and build service, managing the whole project from start to finish and keeping things hassle free.

Homebuyers can gain assistance from Pindan Homes in choosing the best subdivision scheme as well as determining the best practice development, taking into account zoning and logistical challenges.

They can also receive assistance with strata management or selling their investment properties to continue to grow their investment portfolio.

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Source: The West Australian, New Homes Magazine