All the winners from the HIA – TRUECORE Steel Perth Housing Awards

All the winners from the HIA – TRUECORE Steel Perth Housing Awards

The 2017 HIA – TRUECORE Steel Perth Housing Awards were announced at Crown Perth last weekend, highlighting the outstanding building work and success in the Perth Region.

Below is a list of all the winning homes and finalists that were celebrated on the night.

2017 HIA – TRUECORE Steel Perth Home of the Year and John Pietersen Award Custom Built Home of the Year – Tony Tomizzi Builders

Exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail in design execution. The creation of the spaces was innovatively captured by the architect to improve the locality and enhance all aspects to maximise ocean views.

An exceptional example of innovative design by the architect and excellent delivery by the builder. Standouts were the feature walls, lift shaft and feature materials.

Golden Key Award for Display Home of the Year – Palazzo Homes

This design takes us on an amazing journey of innovation. The highest level of workmanship, finish and attention to detail were used throughout this outstanding project.

Affordable Housing Project of the Year – Inspired Homes

This is a well-thought out and planned home. It uses space simply and effectively with no wasted areas. A modern homely feel has been created utilising Manhattan-style feature brickwork externally which extends into the home, connecting the outside with the inside.

Framed Home of the Year – Arklen Developments

This 186sqm home is the epitome of modern-day living. Lots of space, style and ample natural light flow throughout. All working spaces are simple, functional and easily accessible with ample storage.

Peter Overman Award for Perth Innovation in Housing Project of the Year – Kings Rd Construction

The design in this home was unique and impressive. The footprint was simple, yet effective, utilising the block’s views while being playful in its unusual shapes, scale and size. It was a very detailed and challenging project with a great mix of materials.

Apartment of the Year – Palazzo Homes

This apartment was presented beautifully, with a stunning selection of materials and colours, and was incredibly furnished. A real credit to the builder of this fabulous project. The quality and workmanship were faultless. A real testament to Palazzo Homes.

Apartment Complex of the Year – Palazzo Homes

The overall quality and workmanship was excellent externally and internally in this amazing apartment complex. Effective and well-designed site with landscaping and courtyards incorporated into the design. Well-designed kitchen areas with easy access to outdoor barbecue area, perfect for entertaining.

Liveable Home of the Year – 101 Residential

The home is contemporary in feel but still integrates well within the established streetscape. Clean simple lines, with crisp light tones and a large cantilevering eave making a refined statement. All doors and passageways designed to enable free movement throughout the home.

Spec Home of the Year – Averna Homes

This project was designed to impress while being practical and functional. The overall presentation of this home is a testament to the care and pride tradesmen have taken during construction.

Small Lot Home of the Year – Switch Homes (now known as Pindan Homes)

This project ticks all the boxes; it’s modern, right on trend and of a high quality. The clever design provides great entertaining areas, with great flow throughout.


Specialised Housing of the Year – Luxus Homes

Exemplary workmanship throughout and very hard to fault. This project is a brilliant example of a purpose-fit design. This was designed for a client with disabilities, where every issue was thought through.

Project Home of the Year – Webb & Brown-Neaves

This stunning coastal Hamptons-style elevation welcomes you into the home with its grand entry. The use of bright colours and natural materials complemented both a formal and casual look and feel.

Townhouse/Villa Development of the Year – Lime St Projects

From the start it was obvious the builder had taken on a challenge when deciding to build this project. The quality of workmanship was excellent through the build. A stunning development all round and a credit to the builder.

Townhouse/Villa of the Year – Lime St Projects

This project has demonstrated a high quality of workmanship throughout. The custom cabinetry was well designed and executed superbly. Fantastic location with a great orientation to take in the river.

Outdoor Kitchen of the Year – Humphrey Homes

The attention to detail in this design was well-thought out. It is evident they have taken into consideration the growth and evolution of the area for the future. The mix of raw material blended sensationally throughout, giving the outdoor area a holiday resort feel.

Renovation/Addition Project of the Year – Nulook Homes

This home has been renovated to its former glory, with the builder keeping the old-world charm by refurbishing the original doors and windows. The workmanship and selection of material was faultless and the judges said it was a deserving winner.

Residential Building Designer of the Year – Averna Homes

This exceptionally delivered home was original in design and flair. The materials were used in an innovative application throughout, which enhanced and added to the strong design.

Transportable/Kit Home of the Year – Summit Granny Flats

This great multi-functional design wasted no space with its simple, yet effective design. The clear winner, it had crisp lines and is great for a purpose-built product.

Here’s a look at the list of all the winners on the night:

Source: The West Australian