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Development Types

whats the difference?

Development Types

whats the difference?

Types of Developments.

Considering duplex, triplex, multi unit or house behind house designs?

Pindan will change the way you think about developing your land. Every block is different, each with its own zoning and logistical challenges. Pindan is highly experienced in duplex, triplex, multi unit and house behind house designs and can show you the best way to develop your land. 

what should I choose?

Retain your current property and invest in one of Pindan’s house behind house designs, where a new home is built behind your existing property.
This is an ideal solution if you have a large block zoned for a duplex and would like to keep the current property. And because you already own the land in your backyard, this type of development is easier to finance and usually involves a fairly straightforward process.
As the cost of land increases, many Perth landowners are subdividing their land to build two low-maintenance properties known as duplex dwellings.

Choose from a number of variations, including a traditional front and rear duplex development, or build two new houses side by side so both duplex properties enjoy street frontage. 
Perth is seeing huge population growth. As a result, many local shires have recognised the need for more housing and have re-zoned many suburbs opening up more possibilities to build triplex developments.
A triplex involves three houses built on one site for resale, rental or owner-occupancy. By tripling the potential of your site, triplex designs are a popular investment option.
Ideal for a larger development project and maximising the full potential of your block, multi unit developments are the go-to option where higher density zoning provides greater flexibility.

As part of Pindan, WA’s largest multi unit residential builder, you can count on our specialist experience and expertise for multi unit developments.
Sometimes demolishing an existing property (that sits in the way of a subdividable block) is your best option for maximising development potential.
We can assess your block and existing conditions to best advise you on the various development opportunities so you can make an informed decision.

Want to find out more about duplex, triplex, multi unit and house behind house designs?
Read about the main subdivision types, the Pindan development process and real case studies, or contact us to find out more.


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