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Our values

Built on partnerships.

Our values

Built on partnerships.


Establish and maintain long term relationships with our clients by providing exceptional service and specialist advice that result in sound property investment opportunities

Provide a stimulating work environment that encourages and inspires employees to reach their full potential, where everyone is working towards a common purpose and rewarded for results

Earn respect and trust by encouraging open and honest communication at all levels, doing what we promise and delivering positive results.
Pindan’s focus and strong commitment to customer service provides a smooth construction process that Pindan Homes proudly echoes in all aspects of operations. 

As Pindan’s residential building division, Pindan Homes formed as a reputable company with a distinct identity, leveraging the power of an experienced builder to best combine capability with an individual approach.

Whether creating smart and sustainable homes or developing your existing block, Pindan Homes aims to be one of Perth’s most trusted homebuilding and property development companies. Our strength in environmental sustainability in both practices and partnerships echoes not only Pindan’s commitment to the environment, but also its ethos - building on partnerships. 

Our purpose is to work in partnership with our clients to create wealth for all parties through involvement in the construction and property industry.
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We are Pindan Homes. We value:


Our products and services are exceeding client’s expectations and enhancing their quality of life

Every employee has a sense of pride and accomplishment because their daily achievements are the reason their company realises its purpose

Our stakeholders are receiving a sound return on their investment because of their partnership with Pindan.

They are our greatest strength. Their combined energy, enthusiasm and commitment are the building blocks that form our company.
They are the focus of everything we do. Our company exists because of our ability to find solutions to their needs.
We strive to cement the best possible outcomes for all parties through mutually beneficial relationships.
We provide a safe and healthy environment for all employees, sub contractors and the community through strict adherence to workplace health and safety procedures.
We work in an environmentally responsible way that protects and enhances the environment by minimising waste and long-term impact.

What our clients say.

Excellent to deal with, Mark was fantastic to deal with. Overall I have built over 10 houses and this build was one of the best. 
There will always be issues but if communications are good and clients are realistic then things can be resolved and fixed quickly. - Graham & Kym, Southern River

We would build with Pindan Homes again! From the day my husband and I met Mark our building design consultant who took us through the design stages we have had nothing but great support. The final design was all ours and we have had nothing but compliments from the Building Supervisor and the trades that we met who loved what Pindan helped us achieve with our home. We really wanted to move in before our wedding in April and Pindan moved heaven (and lots of earth) to help us get there on time. The quality is amazing and the few small maintenance issues we have reported were dealt with promptly and courteously.

We love our new home and if you choose to build with Pindan the rest of the team will do everything they can to make your dream house a reality. Thank you!  - Katy, Viveash

Thank you to everyone involved from conception to handover. It's been awesome. The whole team have been amazing. – Noelene, Manning

We have just recently built with Pindan and have to say we were very happy with the sales person, customer liaison officer, and building supervisor. They were always willing to help and very prompt in responding to our questions and concerns. We would definitely build with them again. The house is very well built and customer service second to none. Special thanks to Colin, Gayna, and Richard! - Douglas, North Coogee